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Learn how to be a bartender and get a job working in a bar for a fraction of the cost of bartending school.


Find out the little known secret that every bartending school wants to keep quiet…..








Have you thought of wanting to learn how to bartend but did not know where to start?

Are you frustrated by all the misinformation and unclear on what you are supposed to do?

Not sure if paying $ 400+ USD for bartender school training or bartender classes is worth it or even reputable? Maybe you already took a course and already tried applying for bartending jobs but you’re not getting call backs?

Ever wonder what bar managers are really looking for when they hire bartenders?


Do you want to find out how to really get hired as a bartender?

Or maybe you are just having trouble paying your bills and considering getting a part time job for some extra cash?

Whatever your reason I know how you feel. I was once stuck and down on my luck. After forking over $475 for a 1 week bartending course, I was spit out into the real world and quickly came to the realization that I still had NO chance of working at a bar as a bartender. I felt frustrated, depressed and hopeless about the whole experience.

What if you could fast track yourself right past all the most common mistakes and blunders that 99% of people that want to become a bartender make?

Imagine being able to avoid all of these errors, mistakes and frustration right from the start?

What if there was a realistic and attainable way of finding a job as a bartender that didn’t involve a silly 1 week overpriced course with broken promises and lies?

Imagine for a second having a job in an environment where you had the opportunity to meet new people, socialize, have fun and be yourself WITHOUT having to worry about meeting deadlines, a micro-managing boss and daily stress of a 9-5 job!

Picture having a job where you could work less than 20 hours a week and making as much (or more) than most people do at their day job all while having the freedom to pursue other goals in your life like finishing college or starting a business.

Well I am here to tell you that it is possible and I am living proof that it does happen if you create a realistic plan of action with specific goals and outcomes.

You just need to be aware of all the pitfalls…..


You see there is something inherently wrong with most traditional bartending school training programs:


One of the fatal flaws I see with bartending schools is that they are just NOT set up for you to take time to fully grasp and retain the hands on skills required to become a competent Bartender.

Sure if you take a one week course and then immediately get a job the following week you might retain some of the skills you have learned but how often do you think that happens?? Not very likely is it?

More often you than not you are going to forget most of the hands on skills you learn within a few weeks. IF you don’t use it you lose it!!!!

Really what you need to do is keep practicing those skills once you have left your training course………BUT WAIT……what was the point of taking the course in the first place then? Why pay all that money? How will you remember what specific drills to practice? What if you have questions?

I hope you can see where I am going with this……

Do you see how it can me of much more valuable to forget taking a 1 week Bartending School course altogether and INSTEAD just start training and practicing from home while you start your job search from day 1?

Did you know you can learn all the skills of an experienced bartender by practicing in your own kitchen (or wherever you want) with $15 worth of equipment??


That is right, no need to spend $400+ dollars on expensive bartender school training when you can learn EVERY HANDS ON SKILL with some basic bar tools…. along with the correct guidance, instruction and some hands on practice!!


YES it sounds too simple but you really don’t need to learn behind an actual bar to gain hands on skills of a bartender……you just need the right AFFORDABLE instructional bartending how to guide that teaches you step by step all the hands on skills AND gives you real world no holes barred advice & knowledge on what it really takes to get a job.



Think about it……….

Do you think you are going to learn more if you stand behind a real bar top and pour a drink? No not really! That is like asking do you need to be on a real baseball diamond to learn how to throw baseballs? Of course not! You can still learn to throw just as good in your own backyard!!


The hands on skills and technique of bartending can still be easily taught no matter what your surroundings!


IN FACT the best way to learn is to create a surroundings where you can have easy access to practice whenever you want as much as you want!

Where is a better and more convenient place to start then right at your own home?

I have always said, “learning to bartending is like learning a sport, you need to develop skill and coordination through repetition and practice in order to become good at it”.

For those of you that have ever played a competitive sport you know that you gain the most skill and experience by focusing on repeatedly practicing specific drills and techniques you need to improve on NOT by spending more time in a general team practice.

A 1 or 2 week bartending course in a group setting is just like a team practice. It just won’t cut it if you want to develop hands on skills and talent.

Taking a bartending school course in a group of 5 -10 people will just never be as productive and efficient (OR affordable) as focused 1 on 1 training if your goal is to BUILD AND RETAIN any real lasting bartending skill.

So not only is bartending school an inefficient way to learn BUT it is way too expensive for what you get!!!!There is no need to pay $400 to $500 USD for this type of training especially when there is no formal body regulating it.

BUT that is not even the real problem…….

The reality is traditional 1 or 2 week bartending school course just teaches you the basics but does not focus on assisting you in your job search. ( if they say they have job placement they are lying!!!) There is no such thing as job placement from private bartending school training!!



Just like any job it is going to take some “industry know how” if you really want to get a job.

What you are really going to need is……. THE PROPER GUIDANCE……. from someone that is experienced and worked in the bar industry as a bartender.

Someone that has helped hire staff, worked in all types of establishments in all sorts of positions, has trained bartenders and knows what it really takes to get hired.

The key to quickly finding success at anything is to have a mentor to help you at every step.

Most working bartenders just won’t give you this. WHY? Because if they train you then you are competing for their job. They worked hard for all their knowledge and experience and giving it away is NOT in their best interest.


I have decided to change all of that. After years of working in the industry I want to give people a chance to really understand what it takes to learn how to be a bartender.

This is your chance to have your own mentor that is not only focused on developing the required skill set to become a bartender………… BUT more importantly the proper coaching and guidance to help you through the job search at every stage.

Having an experienced bartender mentor you through this can save you from costly mistakes, frustration and valuable time wasted!


In addition I can show you a ton of insider secrets and real world tricks that hardly anybody knows outside of a handful of experienced bartenders know about!

Not to mention you won’t have to pay the excessive amounts of money that bartending school charges!!

As a bartender that spent over 14 years in the industry I have had the chance to work in every type of bartender setting. On my road to get there I experience all the setbacks possible and have seen countless people fail time and again when trying to get into the profession. Let’s face it trying to learn how to bartend is tough BUT trying to get a job is even tougher!! Lots of people want to do it BUT very few people know how to really get there.

When I first started it was not easy at all, I had trouble just like everyone else. Even after I found a job, over the years I saw countless people apply with their “bartending school certificate” and NEVER get hired because they just had no understanding of how the industry works or any real mentor for guidance on what it really takes.

Mindlessly applying for jobs without a plan will get you nowhere!


This is why I created a COMPLETE SYSTEM that is not only teaches you the advanced hands on skills in a 1 -1 environment but also a REALISTIC and ATTAINABLE step by step strategy to help you get a job as a bartender.


……. The Bartender Coach Interactive Video Training Program & Insider’s Guide to Bartending Book: Real Life Strategies on How to Get a Job as a Bartender Starting from Zero Experience!

With interactive video bartender training program & bartender guide book you can not only get a step by step advice, coaching and mentorship through the entire job search but you will also LEARN EVERY ADVANCED SKILL, TIP & TRICK to gain valuable hands on experience that will give you a huge advantage over any other type of training program.

Our training program allows you to isolate and practice WHAT you want AS MUCH as you want WHEN you want in a 1 -1 setting.


All you need is a mobile phone or a laptop and a few empty bottles from the liquor store, a few speed spouts and some basic equipment ( for around $10 bucks!) and we show you how you can make your own bar just like they do at bartending school and practice the video training program whenever you want.


You will have access to extensive amounts of VIDEO training material as well as INSIDER industry knowledge with our Bartender Guide Book such as…..

  • Learn over 15 different speed & efficiency techniques that can be used to INSTANTLY make you a faster bartender and guarantee to increase your tips substantially.
  • Discover the critical problem areas that skilled bartenders and bar managers watch for with their new bartenders and learn how to AVOID all of the problem areas right from the start!
  • Find out the single most important factor that you must do BEFORE even applying for any bartending job that will increase your chances HANDS DOWN over your competition and it’s not what you think! (No it’s NOT even skills or training)
  • Learn the 7 biggest indicators to recognize which type of bars will make you the most money. You will be surprised by some hidden gems.
  • Get a fool proof strategy to identify good tippers from bad tippers with a simple and easy trick that they will never even know happened!
  • Get an insider’s look and review of over 10 different types of bartending positions and the benefits and drawbacks of each. (Yes there are more than you think!)
  • Find out first hand knowledge on HOW MUCH MONEY you can really make at each type of bartending job.
  • Learn 5 innovative ways to build a regular customer base that even bartenders with years of experience don’t use.
  • Learn a step by step proven strategy for interviewing for a bartending job that will DRASTICALLY increase your chances by ALREADY having specific industry insider knowledge and understanding of what they are looking for.
  • 4 easy steps to help you pour drinks faster without increasing your hand speed or movement.
  • Find out the crucial mistake most bartenders make when pouring shots and how to make sure you don’t unknowingly do it yourself!
  • Learn 5 “FLAIR” bartending tricks that you can immediately learn to incorporate into pouring drinks that will entertain, involve and impress your customers helping to immensely increase your tips.
  • Learn 6 more different strategies to help increase your tips with specific step by step instruction.


The entire goal for this program is to:

  1. Guide you through finding a job focusing on real life strategies for getting your foot in the door and all different types of bartending establishments.
  2. Provide you with useful & credible industry knowledge and experience that will avoid the most common pitfalls and mistakes .
  3. Help build hands on skills & knowledge from a beginner level to an advanced level quickly so that……


YOU can get into a bartending role much faster than you think!!

Let us help make this a Reality for You Now!

Free Bonus # 1:

In addition if that wasn’t enough I will also be giving for a limited time the Bartending How To: Official Bartender Training Manual which normally sells for an additional $27 for a price of $17.

Bartending How To: Official Bartender Training Manual is a comprehensive book on all the basics of bartending organized all in one place for you. This include topics such as:

  • Different types of beer, wine and hard alcohol by variety
  • Different brands of alcohol and liqueur and how to identify each
  • Basic information distillation, fermentation processes that every bartender should understand.
  • Different types of glassware and when to use each.
  • A list of common bar terminology and the definitions of each
  • As well as a full step by step instructional guide corresponding to the interactive video training program
  • Plus much much more…

Basically all the information that they would teach you in a bartending course BUT instead you get it for free if you join now!



Free Bonus # 2:

On top of all of this I have also included a comprehensive and up to date recipe guide for you! Although I do not usually encourage memorizing drink recipes as they often change, become outdated and differ in each type of establishments, I still have decided to include a list of the most popular drinks and shooters that I would recommend every bartender should know.

The Bartender Coach RECIPE GUIDE includes all of the most common and popular drinks ordered in bars.

Order today and it is yours FREE! (value of $10)

(This list will be constantly updated with new drinks as well and you will be sent any updated recipes) All of this additional information for FREE if you Order Now!



Free Bonus # 3:

Lastly in order to save you time and help fast track you through this course I have included a huge BONUS of A Copy of the Bartender Coach Video Program: Step by Step Training Guide & Checklist.

This book will outline every technique taught in the Interactive Video Training provided within this course.

This way you can easily and quickly use it as a reference for EVERY technique or skill we teach. Any time you might be unsure of anything you can easily look it up in this guide and it will walk you through each step!

You might be asking yourself how can I be offering the video training program, 1 on 1 End of Course Evaluation as well as multiple training manuals and strategy guide for finding a job bartending for so much less than a bartending school course if it has all the same information?

Well for starters….

  • I don’t pay rent on an expensive building
  • I don’t pay for expensive advertising
  • AND I just don’t believe any of you should have to be the sky high prices that bartending school costs.

I think everyone should have access to quality training at a fair price and instead of spending $400 to $500 on a brick and mortar style bartending course. Instead I want to pass on this savings to you.

I just cannot understand how anyone would want to pay such a high price to stand around with a bunch of other students and SLOWLY learn “how to bartend”.

In addition to the above reasons, I plan on always updating, adding content and improving the training and information I provide and the best way to do this is through an online video program. So as a benefit to you this will always include the most current and up to date information on bartending that is available and you will ALWAYS have instant access to it!

This is something that you will never get from a traditional bartending school.


So to recap……..not only will YOU get:

1. Bartender Coach Interactive Video Training Program

2. Insider’s Guide to Bartending: Real Life Strategies on How to Get a Job as a Bartender Starting from Zero Experience!


PLUS for a limited time you will also receive:

  • A FREE copy of Bartending How To: Official Bartender Training Manual (VALUE of $27)
  • PLUS a FREE copy of Bartender Coach Video Program Step by Step Training Guide & Checklist (VALUE of $10)
  • AS WELL AS The Bartender Coach Recipe Guide for FREE ( Value of $10)


Total value of $209.00 and if you act now you will get it ALL for a Limited Time Offer of $67.00!!

Try it Now before it is too late!